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How to cope with stress and anxiety- Stop the worry cycle!

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Stress and anxiety often send us to a fearful place. The good news is that:

Fear is only……

· False

· Evidence

· Appearing

· Real

Let’s change it to:

· Feel it:

  • Feel emotions, where do you notice sensations in your body, imagine what it would look like, what does it feel like? Is it tense, hot, cold? Try and stay with the sensations in your body- notice your breathing, try and slow it down and breathe out longer than breathing in.

· Evaluate it:

  • Notice your experience. What would you say to someone you love who was having these thoughts? Support yourself, without judgement. “I am noticing that I am having this thought”. Is this thought helpful? Is there anything I can do with this thought or is it just making me uncomfortable? Remember that thoughts are only thoughts.

· Allow

  • Go back to the body and notice the emotions and allow them to be there without judgement, breathe through them. Let the thoughts pass by like they are floating down a stream, just notice them without giving them much attention and go back to allowing the emotions and physical sensations. Support yourself, “It is ok to have these feelings, I can breathe through them.”

· Release

  • Imagine the thoughts continuing to float away and notice that the strong emotions are passing once we give them a voice. Imagine letting your body relax and allowing the thoughts and feelings to release.

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat this cycle until the emotions subside, this takes practice and improves with time. If the emotions do not pass it can be helpful to write down the negative thoughts and evaluate 5 reasons why those thoughts are not true. Write down the five reasons they are not true and re read them every time that thought comes up. If you are still struggling after these steps involve movement with the process, move your joints, walk around, jog in place, stretch. Connecting the mind with the body can help to integrate the new techniques. For additional support reach out to a licensed professional counselor that specializes in anxiety treatment at #facethefear #fear #anxiety #stressreduction #stress #kosi101 #Melissamoore

Check out the video interview with KOSI 101 Melissa Moore on Facebook live

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