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Jodi Hardesty LPC

My Story

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

Feeling overwhelmed and struggling with anxiety can often seem like an insurmountable challenge. Many fear that no solution exists to alleviate their distress. However, I've discovered through personal and professional experience that anxiety treatment and trauma therapy are not only effective but transformative. As a dedicated therapist, I am committed to sharing the empowering techniques I've mastered with my clients. Envision starting each day with a sense of invincibility, ready to conquer whatever comes your way. Achieving this level of confidence and peace is within your reach, and I am eager to guide you on the path to rediscovering joy and tranquility in your life. Tackling the hurdles of trauma, anxiety, and relationship conflicts can be daunting, yet I am prepared to support you every step of the way toward healing and growth.

Since entering the mental health field in 2001 and establishing my private practice in Littleton in 2007, I have been offering comprehensive counseling services to assist individuals through life's myriad challenges and pivotal moments. My goal is to provide a compassionate, supportive environment where clients can find the strength to overcome their most challenging experiences.

Navigating life's obstacles can sometimes seem overwhelming, but with the assistance of a Licensed Professional Counselor, the journey can become more manageable. I am deeply invested in your mental health and well-being, offering all the necessary tools to empower you to embrace each day confidently and tackle even the most difficult situations. Allow me the privilege of joining you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.


You Ask - I Answer

  • How long does each therapy session take?

Each session typically lasts 45-50 minutes.  Although EMDR sessions typically last 90 minutes.

  • What type of Techniques do you use?

I utilize many different tools.  I use EMDR which is a trauma symptom reduction tool.  I also use Cognitive and Behavioral therapy techniques which help you to evaluate how your thoughts and behaviors impact you. I also use psycho dynamic tools to evaluate the impact of your childhood.  I use Emotionally Focused Therapy with couples as well.

  • Do you offer sliding scale rates, what is the cost?

I do not have a sliding scale. My rate is $160.00 per a 50 minute session and is prorated for extended sessions. Click the link below to review information about the Good Faith Estimate.

Good Faith Estimate Information

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